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Palladium Group was formed in 2014 with the head office located in Mumbai. Starting out with just one office, it has continued to grow stronger. We started off with advertising directly for clients in industries such as Healthcare, Entertainment, and Non-Profit Segment.


In 2016, we moved into new services and concepts, while representing clients such as Health Springs, Sightsavers India, Plan International that saw a fantastic return on investment; it enabled us to create a path for continued growth allowing us to open other offices pushing our organization deeper into the market. More and more clients from other industries could see our efficacy and wanted to use our services. This is when we decided where we wanted to be in the market as a business; a Global Provider Volume Driven Outsourced Sales Solution.

Palladium Group contracts and develops exceptionally high calibre Brand Ambassadors and our reputation for quality, professionalism and excellence is a testament to our high standards.

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    Business Development

    Every entrepreneur begins somewhere! Learn what it takes to run a venture through gaining hands-on experience.

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    Sales Success

    Most Sales and Marketing Roles lead to a typical 9 to 5 job. Boring does not suit us! Our BA Roles are completely flexible. Become an industry major through our experiential leadership development program

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    Travel With Us

    Want to be successful in business? Then better get some travel experience on your resume. Besides just being fun, travelling has many benefits that aid in your entrepreneurial journey. We have roles available now for candidates who want to travel with us.

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